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Best of Anza Borrego

by Administrator 20. February 2013 18:23
Compilation of some of our best Anza Borrego Trips It is really hard to pull out a "best of" trips since every trip has its' own merits. We have been exploring the Park for years and still feel there is so much more to see. The above slideshow of trips, are one's that have been memorable . Some are quick 30 minute hikes while others take a bit more effort and may not be suited for everyone. Some areas are sensitive and are best left undiscovered. Please do not ask for locations of pictographs. Do the research and explore. Simply click on the image and you will be taken to that particular trip report. As we explor... [More]

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The search for the hidden Solstice Cave in Indian Valley

by Administrator 29. October 2010 15:01
The search for the hidden Solstice Cave in Indian Valley     High up on a ridge overlooking the vast expanse of Anza Borrego 's Indian Valley is a room size rock shelter once used by Native Americans to honor and perhaps foretell the coming of the summer solstice.  To the Native Americans, the sun was all powerful and dictated when crops would ripen and perhaps when the time had come to move to higher more hospitable elevations. To monitor the arrival of "the longest day of the year" native american priests or shamans would paint pictographs which would illuminate at the right time of the year on the rising sun. It is also believed that rocks were arranged in a ... [More]

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Hiking Into Goat Canyon (movie)

by Administrator 1. January 2005 02:02
Hiking the last 300 yards down into Goat Canyon to view the Goat Canyon Trestle [More]

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