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Landcruiser 80 Series OEM Snorkel Install

I have always loved the utilitarian look of snorkels but the thought of hacking a large hole into my vehicle for the install has previosuly dissuaded me. Finally, when my friend Jan found a good deal on some factory Toyota snorkels, I decided to throw caution to the wind.

Follow along to see our snorkel install on my diesel Toyota Landcruiser HZJ80. If you do decide to pick one of these up I recommend checking out some of the threads on iH8Mud.com.


For the first step we carefully lined up the supplied template and taped off the body.



Next came the scary part of cutting the large hole into the fender well. Jan first drilled some pilot holes to make the rounded corner cuts easier. No turning back now. Frown


Large hole cut out and the bracket holes drilled


There are also two upper holes that need to be drilled for the snorkel bracket.


Holes cut, rust proofed and ready for the snorkel.This would ensure that we wouldn't be visited by the rust demons in a year.


Fitting the snorkel inlet. We opted for nutserts instead of rivets to mount the snorkel brackets. To make things easier you have to remove your air cleaner housing (3 bolts).


We then mounted the upper snorkel bracket to the upper holes we had drilled.


Finally our snorkel is mounted. This should let the engine breathe better, especially in dusty places like Anza Borrego and Baja.


I want to thank Jan and Mike at West Coast Cruisers who without their help, I probably would still be trying to figure out the Nutserts.

See you in the Desert Cool

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