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Water in the Desert

by rbaran 10. April 2005 17:28

We took a late spring trip out with Linda and Jake to see if we could find some cactus blooms and wild flowers.

Wind was blowing kind of hard so we opted to camp in our "secret" canyon in the Carrizo Gorge / Creek area of Anza Borrego . It is really protected from the wind so it seemed like the logical choice.
I always expect to see campers before we pull in but noone seems to ever camp there. Side note : I wonder if it has something to do with the precarious boulders perched overhead. Surprised

Linda really enjoyed the campsite. Her Montero worked pretty well getting her and Jake up the canyon. She is now a seasoned off-roader.

Mary, Jake and Kaiel hiked up to the top of the canyon wall and were treated to an incredible 360' view.

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We took a wrong turn in the wash and ended up driving down this ever narrowing creek that got softer and softer. We finally stopped after a motorcycle came back from the other direction and told us it was very narrow.

This particular canyon in Canyon Sin Nombre began to get pretty tight after a mile or so of driving. Kaiel and Jake acted as lookout as we creeped up this side canyon.

One of the many reasons that we love Anza Borrego Desert State Park .



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