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Thanksgiving 2006

by rbaran 19. November 2006 21:19

Even though we had our fill of turkey at Holly and Dave's great Thanksgiving feast; Friday evening found us once again feasting on turkey, stuffing, green geans yams and sweet potatoe pie. This time we were out in a hidden canyon in the Carrizo Canyon area. As luck would have it when we first arrived a Jeep Wrangler and an older couple in a Toyota Tacoma were just leaving. I quickly threw the FJ into 4-Low and negotiated up the canyon to secure our spot. I didn't really need 4-Low or probably even 4 wheel drive for that matter but I had to convince Mary once again our need for a 4x4 .

About an hour after we started setting up camp we heard the unmistakeable sound of two diesel engines coming up the canyon. It was Jan and Gina in their HJ60 affectionately named "Betsy" followed by Andy and Rebecca driving Jan's BJ70. It is not very often in Southern California that you see one diesel LandCruiser let alone 2 at the same time. Pretty cool !!  
Once they arrived we quickly set up camp and the eating and drinking began. We had an amazing assortment of food including a huge turkey which we BBQ roasted, sweet potatoes and every other type of food you could imagine. Logistically it was amazing that we pulled it off out in the Desert. Smile 

The next morning, to walk off the huge meal of the night prior, we trekked further down the trail to do a hike that Mary and I have done before. It runs along the canyon floor which eventually takes you to the Goat Canyon trestle.There were some impressive tall barrel cactus along the way.

Kaiel , being a kid, had to scare his Mom by climbing the vertical collection of rocks half way down the trail, Bob being a kid at heart had to follow him and bloody up his leg in the process.





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