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No Sunrise Powerlink

by rbaran 10. February 2007 14:20

If you have not heard about the proposed SDG&E Powerlink project now is the time to voice your concerns to the CA State Parks Commission and the Public Utilities Commission.

After receiving this flyer in the mail from the Sierra Club I decided to drive out to Borrego Springs after work to attend the hearing. Very long drive from UCSD. I do NOT recommend doing the Banner grade in the dark.

When I arrived at the Borrego Springs Resort I was happy to see that it was standing room only.
There is a lot of opposition to this unprecedented de-designation of state park lands.

A lot of people stood up to voice their opinion . SDG&E has resorted to scare tactics arguing that if we don't have something in place by 2010 we are all going to be in the dark. C'mon now SDG&E. I would probably opt for using candle power if it means we could avoid cutting a path through Anza Borrego. Smile The hilight of the evening for me was a great speech by Diana Lindsay who co-authored "The Anza-Borrego Desert Region", a book we have used for years.

I left after about an hour and a half because I knew I had about an hour of driving to get to the area I wanted to camp. Rolled into Carrizo Creek around 9:30 PM. Had a couple of beers, cranked up the Maggiolina tent and fell asleep.

Next day I did a little exploring and found a Geocache by accident. I guess you are suppose to have a GPS to be able to find these capsules but I just happened to be looking down and there it was. Geocaching is kind of a game where geocachers hide these capsules with various items including a log book and then publish the coordinates on the Intenet. If you take an item, you are suppose to leave one in return. I left a couple of things along with a log entry and stuck it back in the bush.

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Sunrise Powerlink

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