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Sunrise Powerlink CPUC Hearing

by rbaran 26. February 2008 00:52

I took a long lunch and drove to downtown San Diego to the California Public Utilities Commission meeting at the San Diego County Building. Of course downtown parking is a nightmare, so $13.00 later I showed up and signed in with the Sierra Club. I came to find later that there was free parking right next to the County building.  Note to self : read email thoroughly next time. Yell

We all stood around while the proponents of the PowerLink ; various politicians, business owners and SDG&E paid flunkies each got up and said how much we need the Sunrise PowerLink to ensure San Diego's economic future. It was really hard for us to listen to but we toughed it out and held up anti-PowerLink signs and banners. It was pretty funny because the pro PowerLink group were wearing green T-Shirts to signify enviro-friendly or whatever you want to call it.  Whatever side you are on : putting 160 ft. 500 Kw towers through a State Park is far from being environmentally friendly.

I signed up to speak at the desk and was given number 76 which at 3 minutes a pop meant I would have been there almost 4 hours waiting. Luckily there were a lot of people speaking that were far more articulate than me and they pretty much said what I wanted to say. I turned in my speech to the desk and drove back to UCSD.

I heard some great points being made. One of the strongest I thought was a lady who stated "Why are we even here? When a place is designated as a State Park why are we allowing businesses and politicians to come in and try to take it away?". Good point and I hope the CPUC really thinks hard on that one.

I am second from the right Smile

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Sunrise Powerlink

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