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Governor Schwarzenegger "terminates" brother-in-law Bobby Shriver

by rbaran 26. March 2008 18:25

The TerminatorGovernor Schwarzenegger lived up to his Terminator persona and dropped his brother-in-law Bobby Shriver from the CA State Parks Commission.  

Is this move in response to Commissionser Shriiver's opposition to the Sunrise PowerLink and the 241 Toll Road Extension which the Governor supports ?
My guess is as good as yours but ahem...Wink.

The following quote is from the LA Times :

Several environmental groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Surfrider Foundation and the California State Parks Foundation, said they submitted a letter to state Senate leaders Tuesday requesting a hearing into the oversight of state parks. They based their request on Schwarzenegger's treatment of the two commissioners, his proposal to close 48 parks because of the state's fiscal crisis and his support for development in parks.

In case you didn't know Governor Schwarzenegger supports the Sunrise PowerLink and has sent a letter to the California Public Utilies Commission urging them to follow suit.

Governor Letter To CPUC (PDF 183.80 kb)

If you would like to respond to Governor Schwarzenegger and tell him why the Sunrise PowerLink is the wrong choice for San Diego write a letter to the editor..

WHO: letters@uniontrib.com and letters@latimes.com
WHAT: Letters must be less than 150 words and include full name, address and phone number.



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