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SDG&E Will Campaign To Sway Public

by Administrator 2. April 2008 23:00

Boy aren't you glad your utility bill is going to pay for SDG&E's media blitz?


Part of the biased 10 News Article states,
"The Sunrise Powerlink is a proposal to build a 150-mile line to link solar and geothermal fields in the Imperial Valley to San Diego".
Not true.
SDG&E 's real motive is to tap into cheap fossil-fuel generated energy from Mexico and sell the power to Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Billboards, Internet advertising and radio ads?
Don't be swayed. SDG&E stands to make a LOT of money if the Sunrise Powerlink goes through, and guess who is going to foot the bill? That's right you and me.

Why not use the $1.3 Billion to subsidize solar initiatives for home owners and businesses so we can become energy independent?
Oh that's right SDG&E won't make money this way.

Let's not forget what SDGE did to us in the early 2000's with price gouging, deceit, and rolling blackouts.



Sunrise Powerlink

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