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SANDAG votes on the Sunrise PowerLink

by rbaran 11. April 2008 23:18

I was invited to attend the SANDAG meeting by the San Diego Sierra Club so I decided to drive downtown to give my comments .

I am embarassed to say that I never even knew the purpose of SANDAG and what the acronym stood for. Embarassed
For those of you that don't know SANDAG is the San Diego Association of Governments and is governed by a Board of Directors composed of mayors, councilmembers, and county supervisors from each of the San Diego's 19 local governments.

From what I have understood SANDAG has already decided in favor of the Sunrise PowerLink.  In a nutshell  the Regional Planning Committee (RPC) has already recommended to the SANDAG Board of Director's that they support SDG&E's Sunrise PowerLink project.  Kind of makes you wonder if SANDAG is just going through the motions on hearing public input.

There were a lot of "suits" in the meeting room so I began to worry that all the comments were going to be one-sided and slanted towards why we need the Sunrise PowerLink. Luckily as it got closer to 9AM some familiar faces began to show up. Some notable comments were given by Dennis Trafecanty, Kathleen Beck and others.

I was also excited to hear that my city council members Maggie Houlihan and Teresa Barth are opposed to the Sunrise PowerLink. I had emailed the Encinitas City Council a while back and received this response:

 Dear Mr. Baran;
Our council has had presentations on it, but have taken no position. I personally believe we need greater redundency re our electrical supplies, and doubt we can locate enough in-basin power plants, or economically meet our needs completely using distributed generation. So in general I am supportive of the need for aded transmission lines / capacity, but have no position relative to any specific alignment. I figure that's really up to the CPUC, not the City of Encinitas, and tend to focus my energies on that which is within my area of responsibility.

I hope that helps;

Unfortunately before I was given an opportunity to speak the SANDAG Board decided to take a 45 minute closed session break. Couldn't wait around any longer and handed my comments to the clerk. Micah from the Sierra Club told me later that they read my comments out loud, so I do feel a little better.

Be sure to look in tomorrow's paper for the outcome of the SANDAG vote.

Update : (Thanks Kelly)
SANDAG board backs Sunrise Powerlink by 17-3 vote



Sunrise Powerlink

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