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Earth Day versus Sunrise PowerLink

by rbaran 22. April 2008 17:24

Cardiff Patagonia EarthDayThe Sierra Club's Smart Energy Solutions campaign could not have had better timing to promote its' Sunrise PowerLink alternatives.
On Saturday I helped set up a table at the Patagonia store in Cardiff to take Polaroid pictures and collect comments from people. As opposed to SDG&E's $45,000 glossy ad campaign that is rammed down our throats, these grassroot type events reach people on a more personal level, giving them the chance to ask questions. The event was a bit on the small side but we did manage to collect alot of postcards that will be presented to the California Public Utilities Commission on May 12 in Borrego Springs.

On a much grander scale, and I mean GRANDER, Earth Day in Balboa Park is like a huge rock concert with tens of thousands of people. By the time I arrived at the Smart Energy Solutions Booth for my shift  the Polaroid film was gone and according to Micah (the Smart Energy Solutions organizer) they had collected 300 comment cards. I also met Larry Hogue from the Desert Protective Council who was kind enough to give my website a mention in his great BLOG. I think the Sierra Club, various watchdog groups and community organizations are doing a great job on getting the word out to the public.
We don't need the Sunrise PowerLink !!

Next stop Borrego Springs on May 12 for the CPUC hearing.



Sunrise Powerlink

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