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Sunrise Powerlink decision delayed until end of year.

by rbaran 23. June 2008 17:28

In yet another set back for SDG&E the California Public Utilities Commission has ordered a "re-circulation of the draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Sunrise Powerlink."   According to the Union Tribune article the CPUC would like further in depth analysis  of the technical feasibility and the economic benefits of the various alternatives cited in the DEIR.

What does this mean for us?

  • The CPUC's decision is delayed to the end of the year and not the end of the summer as was orignally planned. This gives us more time to get the word out to the public, politicians and others that the Sunrise PowerLink is not in our best interests environmentally, economically or technically.

You can read the Union Tribune Article here.

 Stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in stopping this project and plan on attending  Ranchita Rocks at the end of the summer.



Sunrise Powerlink

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