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Ranchita Rocks to save Anza Borrego

by Administrator 13. September 2008 06:31

Mary and I volunteered to help out Kathleen Beck's People's Powerlink Booth at the Ranchita Rocks festival. 

Ranchita Rocks is a 3 day music festival whose underlying theme is "Green" solutions and raising money to stop the Sunrise Powerlink. People come from all over the country to camp out on Carolyn Morrow's beautiful 180 acre farm in Ranchita, listen to music and enjoy the festivities.

We arrived an hour late (thanks Google Maps) and found Kathleen and Jim setting up their People's Powerlink table. In case you aren't aware, Peoples Powerlink has been a long time opponent of the Sunrise Powerlink  and maintains an excellent web page with up to date news.

To say Ranchita Rocks is a glimpse into "Woodstock" or "Burning Man" wouldn't do it justice. Interspersed with the dreadlocks, incense and hula-hoops, there were booths with information on alternative energy solutions such as solar/photovoltaics and wind power. It was great to see the diverse group of festivall attendees all getting together in the name energy independence.

Kathleen's "Declaration of Energy Independence" was a creative way to get people to think outside of the box. Just because a mega-corporation like Sempra tells us that the Sunrise Powerlink is the only way to get power to the people does not mean it is the best answer. There are better less damaging, innovative solutions, that do not involve desecrating the San Diego back country.

We had a great time meeting new faces, listening to music and learning how to hula-hoop again. 

More to come.....

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