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Partial victory in the battle to stop the Sunrise Powerlink

by surfponto 3. November 2008 04:41

Friday the administrative judge recommended that the CPUC reject any form of the Sunrise Powerlink stating:


  • Sunrise Powerlink is not needed to meet our energy needs
  • Will not save ratepayers any money and would in fact raise rates
  • Would have unmitigatable environmental effects


Hmm that sounds pretty close to what we have been saying for the past two + years.

While this sounds like a total victory for Sunrise Powerlink opponents, CPUC commissioner Dian Grueneich on the other hand argued that the SPL is needed to meet California's mandated goals on reducing greenhouse gases. While she denies the northern route through Anza Borrego, she approves the southern route, provided SDG&E can prove it is transporting renewable energy.

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Sunrise Powerlink

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