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"Sempra is sold on Solar" article

by surfponto 16. April 2009 19:57

I just caught this article in the San Diego Union Tribune giving Sempra a big pat on the back for expanding its' solar presence in the Nevada desert.

While this looks all warm, fuzzy and green on the surface we have to take a step back and look at the shortcomings of this approach.

  1. Once again the Desert is being used as a sacrifice zone.
  2. We will need more transmission lines to get this power to the population centers.
  3. It maintains Sempra's control of energy production and distribution to the consumer.


Environmental issues aside, we as consumers should be asking our politicians, "Why can't we have financial incentives in the form of rebates and buyback credits to install local PV technology on our homes and businesses?"
Currently solar pioneers can at best break even and they are forced to give any excess energy back to the grid for free.

Maybe if this was addressed it would negate the need for these massive solar installs in the Deserts of the southwest.


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