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Free Property Rights Workshop for those in the path of the Sunrise Powerlink

by surfponto 3. June 2009 03:28

Even though the Anza Borrego Desert State park has been spared from the destructive path of the Sunrise Powerlink ; the battle is far from over. 

SDG&E's Southern route goes through portions of Cleveland National Forest as well as land under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management. Formerly untouched areas such as the Carrizo Gorge Wilderness Area will forever be marred by 150 foot steel towers.

Wilderness aside, what about the East County residents who live in the rural San Diego backcountry? It is estimated that the Sunrise Powerlink will affect 3000 east San Diego county residents. This destructive impact can never be mitigated.

That is where the ECCAC comes in. On June 11 , the EEAC along with the Protect Our Communities Foundation and Backcountry Against Dumps will be hosting a free property rights legal workshop for affected property owners. The workshop will be conducted by knowledgeable attorneys who are familiar with the issues involved.

Impacted property owners can register for the workshop by contacting the ECCAC via email at info@eastcoutyaction.org or call 858-627-1426


Download Workshop Flyer (PDF 89.94 kb)

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