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The East County Community Action Coalition is getting the word out

by surfponto 1. February 2010 14:23

I spent a couple hours Saturday, helping the ECCAC get the word out to members of the Lakeside community about the Sunrise Powerlink . The East County Community Action Committee has been doing a great job of informing back country communities about the destructive path of this project. Laura Cyphert explains route of the Sunrise Powerlink to Lakeside resident

What amazed me was the number of people who had no knowledge of the project and its' route through El Monte Valley and other protected, open-spaced habitats of San Diego's backcountry.

Many east county residents feel they have been blindsided by SDG&E and are now having this project dumped in their backyard. One attendee pointed out that he was going to be able to see 150' towers from every window of his Alpine residence due to its' path around his house.

It is great to see the dedication the ECCAC is putting into fighting the Sunrise Powerlink. They are working untold hours attending community meetings, speaking and distributing literature to make sure that everyone is aware of the project.


For up to date news regarding the project check their website here.

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