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Sunrise Powerlink Ground Breaking Ceremony in McCain Valley

by Administrator 10. December 2010 02:35

Sunrise Powerlink Protesters in BoulevardI spent Thursday morning out in McCain Valley protesting SDG&E's Sunrise Powerlink ground-breaking ceremony along with the Protect Our Communities Foundation and other concerned San Diegans.

This high profile invite-only event had our governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in attendance as well as other Sunrise Powerlink supporters and local politicians.

Many people, myself included, would call this event premature since the Sunrise Powerlink is being challenged in the courts, but SDG&E moved forward anyway. SDG&E also unveiled its' new high tech helicopter that apparently will be helping with construction of the Sunrise Powerlink (if it does unfortunately go through.

Attendees were brought in by the busloads, and SDG&E even went as far as to have a water truck hose down the road to keep the dust from flying.Kind of ironic to think SDG&E was worried about a little dust when they are intent on destroying some beautiful areas of the San Diego backcountry. Go figure. Frown

We weren't allowed to go past the gate so we set up outside with signs and shouted at the invitees as they drove past. Never saw the Governor but apparently he was there patting SDG&E supporters on the back.

Here are the pictures from today's protest (Large Thumbnails).

Here are the pictures from today's protest (Small Thumbnails).

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