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Wildflowers and Pictographs in Southern Anza Borrego

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Desert Pincushions in Indian Valley.

Hedgehog Cactus blooms along the trail towards Inner Pasture

Desert Dandelions in Indian Valley

Desert Dandelions are part of the Sunflower family

Amazing that a cactus as formidable looking as the Hedgehog can produce such a beautiful flower

The Barrel Cactus blooms were still showing

The Ocotillo plants have been in bloom for a couple months out in the southern parts of Anza Borrego

This snake I believe is called a Red Racer and while not poisonous will take a bite out of you if provoked.

More Hedgehog Blooms just over a small ridge in Indian Valley

Red Racer snake in the Anza Borrego Desert

This Red Racer seemed content to just lie in the wash with his head in the shade.

Beavertail Cactus Blooms

Small Fishhook Cactus with a wreath of small flowers

Beavertail Cactus Bloom

I can pretty much guarantee that I will get hit by Cholla Cactus bombs on our overland hikes. This one hurt :-(

More Hedgehog Cactus Blooms

Low lying Beavertail Cactus with multiple flowers

Wallace's Wooly Daisies

Desert Pincushion

Brilliant field of Desert Dandelions near Inner Pasture

In case you can't tell the Desert Dandelions are my favorite wildflowers in Anza Borrego

Lone Desert Chicory in a bouqet of Desert Pincushion

I liked the way this rock framed the Monkeyflower and the Daisies

Colorful Brittlebush

Serious Agave stalk. Tequila shot anyone?

Daren has turned into a serious desert photographer

Desert Dandelion covered the valley floor.

Desert Dandelion have an amazing fragrance that our suburban versions do not have

Desert Dandelion

Interesting Yoni type carving.

Desert Dandelions and Desert Pincushions make a colorful combination

We found some large pottery pieces

Large cow bone left over from the cattle days

The petals of the Desert Dandelion only grow to 3/4" long but in numbers completely change the desert landscape to a brilliant pale yellow.

Large den that we figured was home to a kit fox

Sun pictograph we encountered on our hike.

Antromorph type pictograph

Enhanced version

Enhanced version of previous pictograph

Large Mortero near the pictograph rock

Enhanced version of previous pictograph. Lower right looks like some sort of creature while the picto in the upper left looks like a human figure.a

Hard to make this pictograph out

Enhanced version of previous Pictograph. Looks like something with 4 legs?

It was time to start the long hike back

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