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Hike to Harper Cabin in the Anza Borrego Desert

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Bob at the start of the hike up Pinyon Wash

Mary climbing up the rocky wash

Mark Jorgensen shares his knowledge at an Indian camp in Harper flat, Anza Borrego

Hedgehog Cactus along the trail

Mark Jorgensen explains that they have seen Agave stalks grow 14" in one day.

The Agave bloom marks the end of its' life cycle.

Apparentley you could stick this post into an area with undeground water and it would direct water up the pipe where it could then be utilized.

Water trough near Harper Dam

Faucet setup that was used to fill the trough.

Desert Apricot along the trail

Harper Dam deep in the Anza Borrego Desert

We weren't sure what these guide wires were setup for.

Close-up of the sand filled dam at Harper Canyon

Hiking up the ever narrowing side canyon

Don preps himself for a hike up to the balancing rock

Harper Dam Inscription shows a build date of 1922

Second dam in Harper Canyon.

Desert outpost built by the Harper brothers around 1921

The kitchen inside Harper Cabin. Cans still intact.

The old rusty springed bed.

The corrugated metal was the front of Harper Cabin supported by Agave stalks which are since long gone.

Signature on the front wall of the cabin, signed by the builder Amby Harper in 1931

Beautiful blooms of a Mojave Yucca

Agave twins in Pinyon Wash. Never have seen two bloom side to side like that.

Barrel Cactus Bloom close-up

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