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Goat Canyon Trestle via Carrizo Gorge

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Daren's Dodge diesel managed to get him into Carrizo Gorge with no problems.

While the peak flower season seems to be over there is still much to be seen out in Anza Borrego.

Water was still flowing at the north end of Carrizo Gorge

Checking the pictographs in Carrizo Gorge

Our route took us back and forth across the creek.

Water break

Daren and Mary pose by a six foot barrel cactus.

Daren almost stepped on this DiamondBack rattlesnake which started its' coil and rattle session

Brilliant blue desert skies framed most of our hike through Carrizo Gorge

Daren sets a trail marker

Overlanding through Cholla and Ocotillo

We found another small cave with a few pictographs.

These were a bit more faded than the pictographs in the first cave which makes me think they haven't been touched up.

You could spend a week exploring the caves in Carrizo Gorge

Tired of battling catclaw we decided to ascend to the tracks a bit early

Blooming Agave framed by an Ocotillo

Our goal was the small trestle directly above us.

More climbing

Looking south into Carrizo Gorge

Mary found this old school canteen and decided to take a drink

Our ultimate goal the famous Goat Canyon Trestle

Mary trooping up towards the tracks


Daren gives a good perspective on how far we had to climb.

Old box cars that were apparently pushed off the mountain

Mary enters the first tunnel

Hard to imagine that this wood tunnel is strong enough to hold up under all that weight.

Seems someone has been busy clearing portions of the track. I am guessing the latest earthquake dumped a fair bit of debris on the tracks.

Bob gives some perspective to the sheer size of the Goat Canyon Trestle

This tunnel was our favorite.

Another view of Goat Canyon Trestle

View from the south side of the Goat Canyon Trestle

Bob and Daren high on top of Goat Canyon Trestle

Old coal car?

The collapsed tunnel that initiated the building of the Goat Canyon Trestle

The spectacular Goat Canyon trestle deep in Carrizo Gorge - Anza Borrego

Small Hedgehog cactus

View looking south from under the Goat Canyon Trestle

Daren on the utility platform under the trestle

Bob on the utility catwalk under the trestle

Bob playing trainman

This is where the expression "Light at the end of the tunnel" comes from. :-)

Mary still smiling after the long hike back

Hiking back to the truck

Fixing the water drop flag

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