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Indian Hill Desert Big Horn Sheep

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San Diego's week of rain brought a lot of snow to the local mountains

Of course we had to stop and at least stand in it.

Snow covered peaks of Mount Laguna viewed from the Anza Borrego Desert

Heading up Mortero Canyon

Box cars sitting on tracks at Dos Cabezas Siding

Mary counting her millions

We weren't sure how deep this was so we opted to go around.

Lunch before the hike

Diesel waiting for handouts

If you follow the tracks you will eventually end up at Goat Canyon Trestle

On the tracks heading towards Dos Cabezas - Mortero Canyon

Someone tore down this old fence

Group of Desert BigHorns that just appeared out of nowhere

Once the Bighorns spotted us they all froze

Then they decided that we weren't a threat and moved on

The leader checks us out.

Desert Bighorns can move up a cliff like you or I would step up a curb

Timeless Desert shot in the southern Anza Borrego Desert

Pictographs at Indian Hill - Anza Borrego

The artists were quite obviously infatuated with the abundant Desert sunshine

Time is beginning to take its' toll on these pictographs at Indian Hill

View from Indian Hill

Mary said these rocks reminded her of "The Thing" from the Fantastic Four

Scouting for an easy way up the rocks

Looking for the abandoned Railroad Camp

Were we close?

This green grass type bush was flourishing

There was evidence of the recent rains everywhere.

Heading back to the LandCruiser

Topping off the tank with some Bio-Diesel

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