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Rockhouse Canyon To Rockhouse Valley

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Since we were near Borrego Springs we stopped and checked out the sculptures

Not sure what this one was but we liked it.

The entrance to Rockhouse Canyon in Anza Borrego

These ominous clouds framed the sky on our journey into Rockhouse Canyon

Easy part of the trail.

Red Ocotillo which we have never seen before.

Small barrel cactus growing out of rock

Trail into Rockhouse Canyon was a little hard to find in the beginning

Group shot by Hidden Spring which really isn't so hidden.

Rockhouse Canyon is a rugged remote part of the Anza Borrego desert

Circumventing the dry waterfall

Group of Barrel Cactus looking over us as we trek up Rockhouse Canyon

Hiking up Rockhouse Canyon with huge vertical cliffs on both sides.

Bob looking for the Rockhouses

Going over the map with John and Elena

Checking out a tarantula balanced on a rock

Kicking it in one of the rock shelters in Rockhouse Valley

Checking out the rock shelters in Rockhouse Valley

One of three rockhouses in lower Rockhouse Valley - Anza Borrego

Second rock shelter

Each rock shelter had a small stone fireplace

Notice fireplace in the right corner

Toro peak towers 8700' above Rockhouse Valley

Tarantula appeared to be sleeping but we think it was a defensive tactic

The desert skies cleared just in time for a hike back to the LandCruiser

Some color on the hike back down

Hiking back down Rockhouse Canyon

We encountered three tarantulas during our hike. This guy was the most active

Who's afraid of tarantulas? Not me :-)

Navigating back down the dry waterfall in Rockhouse Canyon

Brilliant afternoon sun over Buckhorn Ridge

Jeep scultpure is one of the amazing Galleta Meadows sculptures scattered around Borrego Springs.

Looking back towards Toro Peak on our drive out.

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