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Exploring Torote Canyon - Anza Borrego

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The Jacumba mountains impeded the storm from moving further east into Anza Borrego

Trail-head at Torote Canyon

Someone left this cool marker at the trailhead

Ocotillo guards the entrance to Torote Canyon

Small family of barrel cactus

Torote Canyon is home to a fair number of the rare Elephant Tree

Cholla Wrestling

Torote canyon opens up into a huge sandy valley.

Beavertail cactus on a small ridge

Anza Borrego postcard shot

Looking back down Torote Canyon

Small buds on a Teddy Bear Cholla. Does this mean we will have a great desert wildflower season in Anza Borrego ?

Elephant Trees were used by local indigenous occupants for a variety of medicinal purposes

Water is stored in the tissues of the twisted trunk and branches of the Elephant Tree.

Mary decided it was a good time to do a head stand

Elephant Tree silhouette

Enjoying lunch after the hike

What was that rattle I heard driving up the canyon?

Start of the Dolomite Mine Trail

Brilliant Ocotillo bloom off the Dolomite Mine trail

Checking out the abandoned Dolomite Mine

I guess this is Dolomite?

Great views from the top of the Dolomite Mine

We loved these ingenious stone steps

We kind of wondered what Betty from 1951 is doing now?

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