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Trains and Pictographs in Jacumba

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Old dam structure in Carrizo Creek

Small succulent plant in Carrizo Creek

Beautiful sun pictograph in Carrizo Creek

DStretched version of sun pictograph

Pictograph in Carrizo Creek

Sun Pictograph closeup in Carrizo Creek

Owl pictograph in Carrizo Creek

DStretched Version

Pictograph in Carrizo Creek

Wind and water shape these amazing caves

Bob at the sun pictograph cave in Carrizo Gorge

Sun pictograph cave in Carrizo Creek

Small shelter in Carrizo Creek

Daren navigates the Carrizo in the gorge

Old abandoned train in Jacumba / Carrizo Gorge area

Old train at the mouth of Carrizo Gorge

Abandoned train in Jacumba

Train is in surprisingly good shape

We were surprised to see a small locomotive come up the track

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