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Anza Borrego Wildflower Hunt 2012

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Peninsular Bighorn Sheep Anza Borrego

Peninsular Bighorn Sheep Anza Borrego

Peninsular Bighorn Sheep Anza Borrego

The Ocotillo were blooming everywhere

There were numerous Agave blooms in Indian Valley

Closeup of an Ocotillo bud

Ocotillo in Indian Valley

Hedgehog Cactus Bloom in Indian Valley

Desert Dandelion near Torote Canyon

Hedgehog Cactus Bloom in Indian Valley.
Blossoms last for about five days.
Flowers close at night and reopen in the morning.

Chuparosa Bush in Indian Valley. The plants are cold and drought deciduous and are usually leafless. Favored by hummingbirds for their sweet nectar

The Ocotillo looked as healthy as we have ever seen

Hedgehog Cactus Bloom in Indian Valley

Ocotillo in Indian Valley

Diesel the Desert Dog

Teddy Bear Cholla Blooms in Indian Valley

Moon Set behind Sombrero Peak

Rosy Boa
These mainly eat small mammals but also have been known to occasionally eat other prey such as birds and lizards.
Rosy Boas reach about a meter in length

Friendly Rosy Boa near Torote Canyon

Teddy Bear Cholla

Heading into Oriflamme Canyon

Mary with Sadie and Diesel high up on the ridge above Oriflamme Canyon

These flowering bushes were everywhere once we got up around 4000 feet

Remote water catchment to fight back-country wildfires

Yucca Plant off the Mason Valley Truck Trail

Fields of yellow flowers.

Beautiful large Oak Tree

Nice place to go to school ;-)

Landcruisers are very photogenic

Remains of an old house

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