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Anza Borrego - Fish Creek - Split Mountain

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We have really enjoyed our stainless fire container on our camping trips

Always been fascinated with fire

Sunset in Pinyon Wash

Morning light illuminates a forest of Cholla

Our Kelly Kettle has been a great addition to our camping gear

I panicked when I realized we forgot to bring my coffee funnel. Out came the leatherman tool which I used to punch a bunch of small holes in the can from the previous night's dinner.

Placed filter with coffee inside the can and ....

..voila. Instant camp coffee maker :)

With all the rain comes some color

Leaving Pinyon Wash on our way to Fish Creek and Split Mountain

The Split Mountain area is a geological wonderland with signs of plants and animals that existed millions of years ago.

Brilliant blue desert sky is a great contrast to the incredible canyon walls

Blown high pressure power steering line that cut our trip short.

Heading out of Split Mountain

Bob single handedly splits a large boulder in half.

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