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Thanksgiving 2009

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The ladies assist Jan with prepping the bannana leaves

Into the pit

Now we cover the turkey and wait

Bocci Ball is the perfect way to pass time in the Desert.

Tarantula in Carrizo Gorge

Jan has no fears of tarantulas and dared everyone else to man up :-)

Chris "Manning Up"

Chris with the tarantula hand off to Bob

Bob holding a large Tarantula in Carrizo Gorge

You take a LandCruiser for granted when you are in the Desert. Jan gets ready to tow a 2wd van out of the deep stuff. Hey at least it was a Toyota.

Our camp setup in RockHouse Canyon

160 Degrees. Time to take the turkey out of the Imu Pit

Turkey or white wrinkled baby butt?

The storm that blew through Anza Borrego resulted in some intense rainbows

Mary on top of Egg Mountain being zapped by a rainbow.

Another storm blowing in from the south west

There were multiple rainbows as the storm blew in and out of the Anza Borrego Desert

Serious rain on the way to Borrego Springs

Cute Baby Elephant that Mary wanted to take home.


Sabre Tooth Tiger


Tyrannosaurus Rex

Mary's only protection is the LandCruiser :-)

Mary about to be devoured by a T-Rex.

Fall colors along the Banner Grade heading up to Julian

We were surprised to see a couple of inches of snow once we arrived in Julian

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