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Ocotillo Express Meeting in Ocotillo

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Pattern Energy's glossy slideshow

According to the Biologist I spoke to, 18 Flat-Tailed Horned Lizards were found in one small section of the proposed area. In case you didn't know FTHL's are on the endangered spieces list

Ocotillo has become Ground Zero for large scale utility projects. Notice the proximity of the two 500Kw towers for two completely different transmission lines.

Sunrise in Mortero Wash.

Yoni at Piedras Grandes

Beautiful morning in the Anza Borrego Desert

Daren on a mylar baloon hunt

We have been to this cave half a dozen times and never noticed these pictographs....

..thanks to D-Stretch and Daren now we do.

And we definetley wouldn't have noticed this one...

...without DStretch

Trio of Morteros near Indian Hill

Deep Mortero near Indian Hill

Remains of the old railroad construction camp

One wall remaining. Get out there to see it before the desert reclaims it :)

Hercules Blasting Powder

It looks like the railroad workers practiced good hygene

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