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As I drove east I realized that this view of El Cap would be for ever marred by ugly steel towers if the Sunrise Powerlink goes through.

Kathleen Beck (left) has been against the Sunrise Powerlink through all its' iterations.

This creative sign illustrates that stringing transmission lines for hundreds of miles is yesterday's technology.

Water truck to keep the dust down for the invite-only dignitaries. We were convinced they were trying to hose us down.

High number of CHPs to keep the protest in check.

Singing against the Sunrise Powerlink

No matter how you look at it. Plowing through the San Diego backcountry is not green.

Unplug the Sunrise Powerlink Photo by David Hogan

Dianne Jacob had some harsh words for SDG&E

Quechan tribe member, David Elliott explains how the Sunrise Powerlink will detrimentally affect Native American sites as it cuts its way through the San Diego back country

SDG&E brought people in by the busloads to the groundbreaking ceremony.

As far as they would let us go - Photo by Daren Sefcik

Tule Mountain will not look like this if the Sunrise Powerlink and the Tule Wind Project go through.

Beautiful view of Carrizo Gorge in Anza Borrego Desert State Park

Save our back country. Say no to the Sunrise Powerlink.

It is heartbreaking to realize that if SDG&E has its' way, the San Diego backcountry will never be the same.

SDG&E tries to wow the invite-only crowd with their new Sunbird helicopter. Apparently this helicopter will be used for portions of the construction.

Stakes marking the path of the Sunrise Powerlink right through McCain Valley

Old cabin in McCain Valley. Should this historical rural community be a sacrifice zone?

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